best wifi hacking android apps

Wi-Fi Hacking Android Apps

In today’s world/era, people are extremely depended on the internet. If the youth finds Wi-Fi with open networks, they always grab the opportunity. But what if they find a closed and secured Wi-Fi? The first thing running in mind will be to find out password which is impossible. But, in the world of human nothing is impossible. Take a look at the 5 best Wi-Fi hacking Android apps.

With the advancement of technology, innovative techniques of hacking the Wi-Fi password are available. Hacking is now very common.

“If some are hacking then others are preventing and making things secure before it gets hacked.”

People now have apps which hack the passwords of the rooted Android smartphone. It is all simple and easy to use those apps. With the basic knowledge and application of your Android smartphone, you can easily hack the passwords of the other Wi-Fi connection.

“Remember the Wi-Fi hacking apps will work for only pre-saved passwords.”

WPS ConnectWi-Fi Hacking Android Apps

With WPS Connect, you can disable other users’ internet connection on the same Wi-Fi network. Passwords of any WPS security can also be hacked by this application. For any Android smartphone, it is one of the best Wi-Fi hacking Android apps. This app works with the WPS security enabled Wi-Fi.

“The app helps you to view the saved Android password. Just download the app and search for a Wi-Fi signal in your smartphone.”

Wi-Fi killsWi-Fi Hacking Android Apps

The Wi-Fi kills app can cut off anyone’s Wi-Fi over your network. This 2nd best Wi-Fi hacking Android app is for open Wi-Fi which not being protected by a strong password. Wi-Fi kills is an open source ethical hacking app. The app is interactive and easy to use with its tools. You can stop any intruder by just a few clicks.

“With the help of this app, you can check what others are downloading and browsing in your Wi-Fi network.”                                                                                 

Wi-Fi WPS WPA TesterWi-Fi Hacking Android Apps

If you want to connect to any Wi-Fi network enabled with WPS/WPA without knowing any password then you can easily do this with the help of this Android application. This app works on any normal smartphone with android version. You can also view the hacked password if you have a rooted Android smartphone.

Nmap for AndroidWi-Fi Hacking Android Apps

Nmap is use by professionals for network exploration. It can work on both rooted and non-rooted phones. It is a popular network scanner. This app can be download on any Android device and also scan’s the network for finding system details and ports.

Wi-Fi FinderWi-Fi Hacking Android Apps

The app submits their local hotspot locations to a central Wi-Fi Finder server. Then it stores all its Wi-Fi information to all of its users. It has both online and offline directory of 500000 hotspots in different locations. It can only hack the WPS/WPA secured Wi-Fi router.

With the above-mentioned best hacking Android apps, you can hack Wi-Fi network for testing purpose. If you try to hack any another network it may create the problem for you. You can be send to jail in your country for illegally hacking the other secure networks.

“So, a suggestion is: do your hacking at your own risk.”


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