Top 5 Meizu smartphones

Every Chinese Electronics Firm is on a product sailing in the oceans of electronic items. Indisputably, Android smartphones are their major electronics product. And Meizu is the iconic captain, captaining smartphones while sailing in Indian markets since 2015. Today Meizu’s customer base is huge, inline to launch more smartphones. Let’s hail for their perfect upcoming sail! Furthermore, know the top 5 Meizu smartphones in 2017 with the price.

Meizu Pro 7 Top 5 Meizu smartphones


Meizu Pro 7 is the star Meizu smartphone. Operating on Android Marshmallow, it is to become a trending smartphone. Perfectly built bezel-less curved metallic body, it attracts everyone to itself. Flaunting 5.2-inches Full HD display gives a seamless performance in playing heavy games. A 12MP rear camera clicks eternal images and Packed with 5MP front snapper clicking fleeting selfies. It has 4GB RAM and 64GB non-expandable memory space. Besides that, it has fingerprint sensor at home button, provides extra security.

“Among all other 5 Meizu smartphones, Meizu Pro 7 will launch in July 2017 for Rs. 31,000.”

Meizu Pro 6 plus Top 5 Meizu smartphones


Meizu Pro 6 Plus has all decent features while running on Android Marshmallow. Slim metal built design and elegant look makes the device worth an investment. The quick charge non-removable battery makes spontaneous power back-up. Extra-large 5.7-inches display screen is an add-on to looks. Smartphone’s RAM is 4GB and 64GB is storage capacity. Boasts 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera to click everlasting selfies. Likewise, to Meizu Pro 7, it is on 2nd position among top 5 Meizu smartphones of 2017.

“Meizu Pro 6 Plus will launch in September 2017 at Rs. 29,890.”

Meizu E2 Top 5 Meizu smartphones

Meizu E2 runs on Android Marshmallow. Like other Meizu Phones, it also has a quick-charging battery. The display of 5.5-inches full HD screen offers a better color reproduction. It is a good-looking VoLTE handset letting you enjoy seamless gaming. The well-designed smartphone is in four different colors: gold, grey, silver and rose. A 13MP primary camera crops brilliant images and 5MP front shooter also yields crisp selfies. The handset internal memory is 32GB which rises to a whopping 128GB with 4GB RAM.

“Being in the list of 5 Meizu smartphones, E2 is a good buy at Rs. 14,890 in July 2017.”

Meizu X  Top 5 Meizu smartphones


Meizu X is an all-rounder with a compact, sturdy and contemporary look. Flourishing a 5.5-inch Full HD display it looks best in hand. Ensures continuous entertainment with quick-charging non-removable battery. 3GB RAM allows multitasking without any lag while It running on Android Marshmallow. 13MP primary camera and 5 MP front camera clicks fleeting images. Internal storage is 32 GB that grows to 128 GB. On rear panel beneath the camera, the phone has fingerprint sensor also. This add-on feature of security made it enter in 5 Meizu smartphones of 2017.


“Furthermore, it will come to market in July 2017 at Rs. 16,990.”

Top 5 Meizu smartphones

Meizu M3X


Meizu M3X will give its competitors a run for their money. A 5.5-inch LCD screen, 3GB RAM, and 32GB internal memory will enhance multitasking and gaming experience greatly. A 12MP primary camera can click great quality pictures of 4000 x 3000 pixels resolution. Its 5MP front-facing camera enhances low light photography. Any of the Meizu phone from mentioned, these top 5 Meizu smartphone is worth buying.

“Meizu M3X is a good buy at Rs. 16,990 in August 2017.”

So above were the most hyped 5 Meizu smartphones for the year 2017. We believe, Meizu will live up to your expectations from these valuable and under budget technically blended smartphones.


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