Identify Fake Android Apps 

The hype of Android smartphone is increasing day by day as the era is becoming more modern. Today at this age, there is an increasing development of Android apps and Web sites. We have got fitness apps, gaming apps, job recruiting apps etc. These apps always tempt us to download and use them. But there exist other apps which are fake and can ruin your Android smartphone. So, as a caretaker towards our phone, we had found few ways of How to identify fake Android apps?

“In these accelerated digital times, the only limit to app functionality is our imagination.”

However, probably, the cyber crooks are deep into the app craze. And for that reason, it is necessary to find how they do and what they do? Knowing their tricks will definitely help us to identify Fake Android Apps.

  • Scammers trick people into downloading an Android application which can compromise data.
  • Discount apps or in general, apps to get discounts are designed to steal your very personal information.
  • Sometimes fake apps also carry security updates. By clicking on those security update, scammers
    can lead to the theft of your all personal data.
  • Gaming apps can also become fraudulent when they ask for your personal data.

fake android apps / androidposts.comObjectives of Fraudulent Apps

  • Fake apps download viruses and malware to your smartphone. After then with their regular updates,
    they steal personal and sensitive information.
  • They also steal your payment details by prompting you to enter payment information in any app like grocery apps.
  • Can also steal other social media account information through access to other apps.
  • Scammers can log into your social media accounts by stealing information and carrying a complete
    track on your activities.

It doesn’t mean that if an app is on Google play store, it is a legitimate app. Google play store has an app-checking process which decides the legitimacy of an app. Therefore, for a long time, Google is removing fraud apps from the Android marketplace. let us get back and identify fake Android apps.

“Technology is the key to everyone including scammers and hackers. Henceforth, they become more cunning.”

How to spot fake Android apps? fake android apps /

  • Download Android apps only from the Google Play Store.
  • If an app has lots of downloads then certainly it is a real deal.
  • Doing online research about any app, reading reviews may probably let you come to know about its fakeness.
  • Any fake app review is short and generic.
  • Always be sure to check out the name of developer for an app before downloading it.
  • The more apps any developer has created, more trustworthy the developer is.

Beyond the app store

  • Scammers and hackers don’t only restrict their fake apps into the app stores, but they have other tricks too to infect your life.
  • They send emails, SMS and another form of messages which appear to be from your banks, credits and other daily use brands.
  • Scammers main aim is to trick people into downloading applications. Next, they steal all your
    personal data.
  • Automatic Downloads from websites lead to the download of fake apps. Next time you open any website, check it on the Google first.
  • If you’re an Android user receiving unexpected SMS, a weird alert, strange notifications, unusual requests then beware.

“Maybe criminals like hackers and scammers are trying to rip you off.”

The only best things to look out while keeping you safe from fake apps is your sense of humor. Always take the time to act upon any app. Have a good research about each section of the app. Even when you update your app, update it cautiously after judging the information.Now, to block and identify any malicious apps, a great free tool name BullGuard mobile security / androidposts.comBullGuard Mobile Security can be used. It scans any app as it is installed on your device. Immediately it detects any malicious code is present. Hope this article will present you the little idea of “How to identify fake Android apps?”

“Always keep a great and heavy check on your device. Be aware of viruses, scammers, and fake unwanted apps.”


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