How to make money with crazy Android Apps?

Whenever I look at my phone, I always think that my mobile costs me this much of amount. (Not going to tell you which android phone I use) But then I always use to think what if I earn through my smartphone itself. More importantly, our handset certainly cost us a pretty penny. Though the payment is in upfront cost or ongoing monthly payments. Thankfully there exist several apps on the Google Play store that may recoup some of the costs. With this in mind let us learn: how to make money with crazy Android Apps?

“Times are going rough, let us use few extra bucks from a smartphone that never get ducks.”

Overall do not fear at all because technology has come to make you earn online through a smartphone. Yes, you read it right! with apps on Android or iOS device, you can earn real money. Naturally, apps will always need your personal data in exchange for a payout. But then that is okay! After all, they would only monitor the payout. Altogether in return, they will definitely pay you what you will earn. Therefore, keeping all doubts aside let us, first of all, learn: how to make money with crazy Android Apps?


Bitwalking is a new app which let you earn Bitwalking dollars (BW$). Launched in September 2016, it’s in a private beta phase. Thus, you cannot directly use after downloading from Google play store. Hence you will have to request an invite to the platform. Once you get in, next you have to do is start earning. To earn you will have to walk through around 10,000 steps for 1 BW$.

“If you spend all your day wandering around for a job, you may earn while you walk.”

However, there is something to lose? A slight negative point is, you can redeem your earnings against items offered through their own store. Or else you can transfer the cash to your bank account. This service is still in the process being tested. In the near future, it may become the subject of change.


Slidejoy is an Android-only app which will certainly make you rich. This app is so easy to access that you have to do nothing and eventually you get a payout from the service. Slidejoy puts ads and news on your lock screen. And in exchange, you will earn ‘Carats’ which can be exchanged for real money. Else the best way is to get it checked into your PayPal Account.

“Get 20 Carats on sign up. Make them to 2,000 or more to check anything out. Remember 1,000 Carats equals to $1.”

The ratio of Carats getting to you each day can vary. I personally feel it might be slow going. If you can tolerate ads on your lock screen then you will get free money. But if you interact with the ads, you will not get any additional Carats. Henceforth, there is no incentive kind of money on clicking any of the offers or ads.


Pact is one of the most unusual money-making apps. It is on our list of how to make money with crazy Android apps because the app helps you on getting stick to an individual exercise regime. As it is related to your exercise regime, the sign-up process in the app is very comfortable. Based on the food intake and workout plan, it then pledges an amount. If you miss those goals then you will have to pay.

“It gives earning which may sound a bit like stealing. Those who fail to achieve their targets pay an amount as rewards to other members of the community.”

Moreover, as per the reviews, you may make only $100 – $150 per year. But, I think this app may help you to keep yourself healthy and fit. By the way, we should definitely, use this app because in either case, profit is to us. The downside of this app is that it may end up costing you a huge heap of money.

 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards may not give you much cash but it is worth trying. After you have installed the app, it’ll pop up a survey. The survey will contain few question. Likewise, several surveys will pop-up. In exchange for answering few questions, a small amount is added directly to your Google Pay account. That amount can be redeemed by purchasing from any online sale of music and movies.

“The amount which you will earn is small. Consequently, the survey to be filled is also worth as it is less time talking.”


Foap is a very well-known app for turning your photos into cash. So, we’ll keep this app’s introduction brief. All you need to do is click your photos, upload them and sell them all through the Foap market. Each shot of selling your photos will make you earn minimum $10. Foap is very simple and attractive. Its ability to get you earn through your photography is durable. And may let you earn more.

“Creators will get half of each sale. And the earned cash can be directly transferred to your bank account.”


Considering the fact that online earning is not an easy task, these apps are worth trying. If also they did not let you earn, they will definitely help you somehow. Either by making you several steps or by keeping a control on your health regime. Or else by letting you take out your hidden photographer. Identically earning money or learning skill always gives satisfaction with Learn: How to make money with crazy Android apps.


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