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Smartphone manufacturer Samsung has come up with its newest flagship models Galaxy S8 and S8+. Talking about hardware-related factors which users might not love is the awkward placement of Fingerprint sensor. In the previous model, it was placed in the Center button at the front of the device. As a result, it was easy to access. It was the fastest fingerprint scanner. Here we have 3 fastest ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.
In Samsung Galaxy S8 the rear placed Fingerprint sensor makes it difficult for the user to unlock the device. Today, in this article, we have just discussed those fastest options which will unlock the Galaxy S8 faster. Be ready and keep calm! Thus, read the whole article to know fastest ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

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Iris Scanner

Iris scanner is often not included in every smartphone device. Samsung, S8 is fitted with this hypnotic eye scanner. By using this advanced hardware users can easily avoid the need for the fingerprint scanner. As it is much faster in response, using Iris scanner will be a great choice to unlock the device.
Those who want iris scanner to unlock their device will have to make slight settings and amendments. Iris Scanner method for Galaxy S8 and S8+ is very easy to unlock. Head to the Lock screen and find the Security settings of your device. Choose the iris scanner as your standpoint for unlocking the device. From there, set it up for the masks to grid your eyes.
Now, every time you just look at the iris scanner with your open eyes and your device will unlock instantly. This feature is extremely fast but first, the users will have to wake up the screen by pressing the unlock button of the device.

“This makes this feature beyond the value which it could really attain!”

Facial recognition

This feature is simple to use and way similar to the Iris scanner. Here, in this case, the face of the person is scanned for verification along with eyes.
To enable this feature, go to the Lock screen and Security settings. Now, select the Facial Recognition from the settings page. Then let the device scan your face for a while. Remember you should be alone while scanning your face. After face scanning, the whole process is over and you need to test it now.
Next is, wake your device through the power button. Here, the device will verify your face and recognize it. If scanned face and recognized face matches, the device will unlock otherwise it won’t. This feature is not secure enough because two people of the same face can definitely access the same device.

“Even the manufacturer has stated to use it with care!”

Smart Lock

Under the same lock and security settings, another great feature named Smart Lock function is present. Through this immense intellectual technology, the users can make the device know about their existence.
Whenever your device feels that it is with you, it remains unlocked. But in foreign aid, the device quickly locks down. This feature works by keeping a proper and complete check on your daily locations. It also keeps a check on your body movements and working ways. After enabling this feature your device will detect you through the on-body detection function and location measurements.

“Although it is not the safest way to unlock and make your device remain locked! but it is a smart way.”

With this article, you have found the best fastest ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ or any other device too. My personal favorite is smart-lock. Tell me yours to in the comments? Now it is up to your choice whether you choose any of these or prefer to fingerprint scanner feature. We just hope that you liked these fastest ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.


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