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Dangerous Android Viruses

Operating system Android is fastest growing technology in this digital century, 21st century. The devices, Android smartphones supporting Android are the most reliable and trusted among humans. Undoubtedly, anything wrong in your android smartphone may lead to hypertension in mind. In all walks of life, being infected with any virus is a big bad thing. And today, Android viruses are a threat to our society of Android smartphones. So as to save smartphones it is necessary to know Android viruses. Hence, altogether we have 5 most Dangerous Android Viruses for you to know.

“As a regular user of an Android smartphone, we understand virus removal for android should be our first priority.”

Safely Configured OS Android is always under the attack from android viruses. From adware, pop-ups to steal personal information, there are several high-profile problems due to Android viruses. Infectious or malware content android virus compute our smartphones leading the behavior of a system to a wrong way. These infectious android viruses can harm the android extensively. Eventually, it becomes important to get rid of these Android viruses. Below is the list of 5 most dangerous android viruses that everyone should know.

Android Viruses


Godless is among the most dangerous Android viruses. Since its patching with the apps from google play store, removal is quite difficult. Don’t you think it is too nasty that a virus is installing along with the installation of any app from google play store? Android virus Godless roots up the device silently and cause trouble in the functioning of your device. Godless is a family of malware with multiple-type of Android viruses which makes it difficult to remove.

“Generally, godless is present in Android devices 5.1 or lower.”


Shedun is a very well-known android virus which came in 2015. Automatically rooting your device, it leaves itself open to stream on adverts. It is completely difficult to remove it entirely. Above all factory-resetting of the device also don’t help much to remove it. Always present in third-party store or websites, it patches itself with viral android apps.

“Mostly, found in Chinese made smartphones and pre-installed Android apps.”

Humming bad

Humming bad is the king among Android viruses. It steals the personal information from the device and installs the apps without any permission. Never ever visit any suspicious website or download store otherwise Hummingbad will infect your device. Android virus Hummingbad made headlines in 2016 and the best way to rid is a factory reset.

“According to Cybersecurity company, Check Point Hummingbad has spread to over two million devices worldwide.”


Gunpoder virus installation occurs from any third-party emulators which are outside the google play store. This android virus is at 4th position in the list of 5 most dangerous Android viruses. Remember Gunpoder whenever you play any online game. Downloading any APK file from any online download store will insert Gunpoder emulators in your device. It may let lost your control over the device and your personal data.

“Always found in online games and APK files.”

Cloned and Copied apps

Popular apps are always an easy target for hackers and spammers. A guide app of Pokémon Go has infected more than 500,000 users. The worst thing is more downloads makes it more trustworthy. And the best thing is to make sure that you download an app directly from the correct source.

No operating system in this world is virus free. In either way, it is not known why these viruses are made. Above all, it is our prime duty to protect our Android smartphones from these Android viruses. Never feel granted ever because these 5 most dangerous android viruses can attack at any time anywhere. Prevention is easier than the removal. At least, don’t just download the first option you see.

“Be legitimate, take time and make yourself sure that the source is virus free. Else then stick to the Google Play Store if you can.”


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