64 MP Smartphone Camera

64 MP smartphone camera

Presently, dual camera smartphones are very common. As a result, we neither see single camera smartphones on the market nor we buy them anymore. Formerly, Huawei was the first smartphone maker who added triple camera setup and went to another level. Subsequently, it was thought that a smartphone can maximum get 4 cameras with about 30 MP. But it seems a new Light smartphone prototype up to 9 cameras is capable of producing 64 MP images. However, the 64 MP smartphone camera is termed as L16. Eventually, taking the smartphone industry to another level as the L16 is compact with the cameras.

“Remember engineering nowadays is the mother of inventions. Therefore, Light is now working on this multi-camera system with 9 cameras. Check the 64 MP smartphone camera default picture below.”

64 MP Smartphone Camera

First of all, let’s take a look at the other multi-camera system smartphone available in the market. Thus, smartphones currently available with a multi-camera system are as follows:

  • Huawei P20 Pro – 3 lenses (one color, one mono, and one 3x telephoto) – View
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus– 2 cameras (wide and telephoto) – View
  • iPhone X(with wide and telephoto lenses) – View

L16: 64 MP Smartphone Camera

The prototype of L16 has usage of following lenses. To illustrate, two lenses are used whose synopsis is as follows: 4x 56mm f/2.6 lenses in addition to 5x 28mm f/2.0 lenses.

64 MP smartphone camera

All the cameras will shoot at the same time to produce 64 MP image qualities. However, each camera produces its own high-resolution picture and straightaway these pictures are combined for 64 MP smartphone camera picture. The Light had already made the Light L16 – a standalone camera that uses 16 cameras to produce 52-megapixel images. Consequently, they are now trying to upgrade the model with 64 MP Camera with unmatched Zoom Capabilities.

“The smartphone is being invested by the company Foxconn.”

Finally, the question remains is would you pay for it? The 64 MP Smartphone camera systems may cost a whopping $1,950. Are you willing to pay for it or not, let us know in the comments below?


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