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Riding high on success, Gionee aims to present itself in top 5 leading smartphones suppliers in India. The flagship smartphones are featuring maximum storage capacity and high definition camera. We’ve painstakingly put every Gionee smartphone to test. And took hours whittling them down. Nobody wants to cart around the phone. Hence Gionee smartphones are self-carting themselves. Let’s take a look at top 5 Gionee smartphones to buy in 2017 with the price.

Gionee smartphones/androidposts.comGionee M6S Plus 1

This Gionee smartphone has the largest display with 6.0 inches screen size. Working on Android V6.0 Gionee aided smartphone with 6GB RAM. The Front fingerprint sensor is quick in response. A good to perform handset is inclusive of a fast-charging battery. Users can make 128GB space by adding a memory card to 64GB space. A 12MP front camera and 8MP snapper camera are good to yield images and videography. Gionee M6S Plus 1 is first the choice among top 5 Gionee smartphones.
“Gionee M6S Plus 1 is a perfect choice to buy at Rs. 32,990 on September 20, 2017.”

Gionee smartphones/

Gionee M6S Plus 256GB

On 2nd position in the list of top 5 Gionee smartphones of 2017, it is ideal for heavy users. While running on Android V6.0 the smartphone comes in shining black colored body. Having 6GB of RAM and 256GB + 256GB expandable memory space, also have a fingerprint scanner. With high performance and huge storage, it comes with a fast-charging battery. A sharp 12MP main camera piled with 8MP front shooter outputs quality selfie images.
“This huge tablet sized Gionee smartphone will release in September 2017 at Rs. 39,990.”

Gionee smartphones/

Gionee M6 Plus

Gionee M6 Plus is the best smartphone with octa-core-processor and Android Marshmallow. With 4GB RAM and 128GB + 128GB expandable memory, the smartphone will come in the gold color variant. The non-removable battery with reverse-charging feature runs the show for long hours. Stacked with 16MP back and the 8MP front camera gives quality crystal-clear images. Data-encryption chip is not available in India.
“Among 5 Gionee Smartphones, this phone will launch in July 2017 at Rs. 32,990.”

Gionee smartphones/

Gionee M6

Gionee M6 is the 4th best for 5 Gionee smartphones. This phone is equipped with a 13MP main camera and 8MP selfie shooter producing high-quality images. Data-encryption chip will keep user communication safe. This smartphone comes with a full metal unibody of latte gold color with Android Marshmallow. It is bundled with 4GB RAM and 128GB + 128GB expandable memory space. The device is powered by quick-charging feature and huge battery capacity.
“It is a perfect Gionee phone to buy at Rs. 29,990 in July 2017.”

Gionee smartphones/androidposts,com

Gionee A1 Lite

Gionee A1 Lite captures high-quality images from its 20MP front camera. A 13MP back camera gives quality images in low-light condition too. The handset runs on Android 7.0 Nougat with 3GB RAM. The Battery acts as an energy booster and lets smartphone run for long hours. A 32GB + 128GB expandable internal memory can save a lot if needed. It also possesses fingerprint sensor.
“Overall, the Gionee A1 Lite is worth buying at Rs. 14,990 on August 25, 2017.”

As said earlier, Gionee is growing fast and our in-depth reviews of 5 Gionee smartphones proves it. Undoubtedly, Gionee phones are A-class smartphones ready to get purchased. Wait for the launch and crack a perfect deal with Gionee.


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